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src/e/m/emzed-2.2.3/emzed/utils/isotope_calculator.py   emzed(Download)
    from ..core.data_types import Table
    gen = _setupIsotopeDistributionGenerator(formula, R, fullC13, minp, **kw)
    t = Table(["mf", "mass", "abundance"], [str, float, float],

src/e/m/emzed-2.2.3/emzed/ff/_metaboff.py   emzed(Download)
import pyopenms
import os
import locale
from ..core.data_types import PeakMap, Table
from ..core.data_types.table import formatSeconds
    tab = Table(["feature_id", "mz", "mzmin", "mzmax", "rt", "rtmin", "rtmax",
                    "intensity", "quality", "fwhm", "z"],
                [int, float, float, float, float, float, float, float, float,

src/e/m/emzed-2.2.3/emzed/adducts.py   emzed(Download)
    def toTable(self):
        from .core.data_types import Table
        t = Table(["adduct_name", "mass_shift", "z_signed"],
                  [ str, float, int],
                  ["%s", "%.6f", "%+d"],

src/e/m/emzed-2.2.3/emzed/stats/anova.py   emzed(Download)
from ..core.data_types import Table
def _getSamples(factorColumn, dependentColumn, minsize=1):
    result = Table(["id", "n1", "n2",
                    "avg1_" + valueColumn, "std1_" + valueColumn,
                    "avg2_" + valueColumn, "std2_" + valueColumn,

src/e/m/emzed-2.2.3/emzed/io/load_utils.py   emzed(Download)
    # local import in order to keep namespaces clean
    from ..core.data_types import Table
    path = _prepare_path(path, extensions=["table"])

src/e/m/emzed-2.2.3/emzed/align/rt_align.py   emzed(Download)
    import pyopenms
    import copy
    from ..core.data_types import Table
    assert refTable is None or isinstance(refTable, Table)