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        def deserialize_frame(line):
    id = None
        frame = json.loads(line)
    except Exception:
        logger.debug("Error parsing frame: %s", repr(line), exc_info=True)
        raise RTJPParseException("Invalid json", id)        
    if not isinstance(frame, list):
        logger.debug("Invalid frame (not a list): " + repr(frame))
        raise RTJPParseException("Invalid frame (not a list)", id)
    if len(frame) > 0 and isinstance(frame[0], int):
        id = frame[0]
    if not len(frame) == 3:
        logger.debug("Invalid frame length for: " + repr(frame))
        raise RTJPParseException("Invalid frame length", id)
    if (isinstance(frame[1], unicode)):
        frame[1] = str(frame[1])
    if not isinstance(frame[0], int):
        logger.debug("Invalid frame id: " + repr(frame[0]))
        raise RTJPParseException("Invalid frame id (must be int)", id)
    if not isinstance(frame[1], str) or len(frame[1]) == 0:
        logger.debug("Invalid frame name: " + repr(frame[1]))
        raise RTJPParseException("Invalid frame name (must be string)", id)
    if not isinstance(frame[2], dict):
        logger.debug("Invalid frame kwargs: " + repr(frame[2]))
        raise RTJPParseException("Invalid frame keyword arguments (must be dictionary)", id)
    return frame

src/r/t/rtjp_eventlet-HEAD/rtjp_eventlet/server.py   rtjp_eventlet(Download)
                raw_frame, buffer = buffer.split(self.delimiter, 1)
                    frame = core.deserialize_frame(raw_frame)
                except core.RTJPParseException, e:
                    self.send_error(e.id, str(e))