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src/m/e/MedPy-0.1.0/medpy/itkvtk/utilities/itku.py   MedPy(Download)
# own modules
from ...core.exceptions import DependencyError, ImageTypeError
# information
    if arr.ndim <= 1:
        raise DependencyError('Itk does not support images with less than 2 dimensions.')
    # chek for unknown array data type
    # if none fitted, examine error and eventually translate, otherwise rethrow
    if type(ex) == KeyError:
        raise DependencyError('The itk python wrappers were compiled without support the combination of {} dimensions and at least one of the following pixel data types (which are compatible with dtype {}): {}.'.format(arr.ndim, arr.dtype, scipy_to_itk_types[arr.dtype.type]))