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src/r/a/Radregator-HEAD/core/views.py   Radregator(Download)
from core.models import Topic,CommentType, Comment, Summary, CommentRelation, \
from core.exceptions import UnknownOutputFormat, NonAjaxRequest, \
                                       MissingParameter, RecentlyResponded, \
                                       MethodUnsupported, InvalidTopic, \
                        reply_relation = CommentRelation.objects.filter(left_comment = comment, relation_type = 'reply')
                    except ObjectDoesNotExist:
                        raise NotUserQuestionReply ("This is not a reply to a question")
                    # It's a reply, but who posed the initial question?
                    if not reply_relation.right_comment.user == user:
                        raise NotUserQuestionReply ("This is a reply to a question posed by another user; user cannot accept it")