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src/s/p/sphinxit-fc-0.3.3/sphinxit/tests/test_core.py   sphinxit-fc(Download)
    import unittest
from ..core.lexemes import (SXQLSelect, SXQLFrom, SXQLLimit, SXQLOrder,
                            SXQLGroupBy, SXQLWithinGroupOrderBy,
                            SXQLMatch, SXQLFilter, SXQLORFilter, SXQLOption,
    def test_concat(self):
        q = Q(id__eq=1, id__gte=5)
        self.assertIn(q.lex, ('id=1 AND id>=5', 'id>=5 AND id=1'))
    def test_negative_and(self):
        q = ~Q(id__eq=1, id__gte=5)
        self.assertIn(q.lex, ('id<>1 OR id<5', 'id<5 OR id<>1'))
    def test_negative_or(self):
        q = ~(Q(id__eq=1) | Q(id__gte=5) | ~Q(counter__eq=12))

src/s/p/sphinxit-fc-0.3.3/sphinxit/tests/test_processor.py   sphinxit-fc(Download)
from ..search import SphinxConnector, SphinxSearch, SphinxSnippets
from ..core.exceptions import SphinxQLSyntaxException, ImproperlyConfigured
from ..core.lexemes import Q, Avg, Count