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The input file is malformed

src/s/e/seq_crumbs-HEAD/crumbs/seqio.py   seq_crumbs(Download)
from crumbs.utils.data import (ambiguous_rna_letters, ambiguous_dna_letters,
from crumbs.exceptions import (MalformedFile, error_quality_disagree,
                               UnknownFormatError, IncompatibleFormatError,
                               FileIsEmptyError, IsSingleLineFastqError)
        except ValueError, error:
            if error_quality_disagree(error):
                raise MalformedFile(str(error))
            if 'No suitable quality scores' in str(error):
                msg = 'No qualities available to write output file'
    except ValueError, error:
        if error_quality_disagree(error):
            raise MalformedFile(str(error))
                        msg = 'Malformed fastq file: seq and quality lines'
                        msg += 'have different lengths'
                        raise MalformedFile(msg)
                    last_line = None
                    is_empty = False
            if last_line:  # reach EOF before reading enough quality
                msg = 'Malformed fastq file: quality line missing'
                raise MalformedFile(msg)
    if is_empty:
        raise FileIsEmptyError('File is empty')

src/s/e/seq_crumbs-HEAD/crumbs/utils/bin_utils.py   seq_crumbs(Download)
from crumbs.third_party import cgitb
from crumbs.exceptions import (UnknownFormatError, FileNotFoundError,
                               WrongFormatError, TooManyFiles,
                               MalformedFile, SampleSizeError,

src/s/e/seq_crumbs-HEAD/test/test_seqio.py   seq_crumbs(Download)
                          _itemize_fastx, read_seqs, write_seqs)
from crumbs.utils.tags import SEQITEM, SEQRECORD
from crumbs.exceptions import IncompatibleFormatError, MalformedFile