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Raised when the file have an unexpected format

src/s/e/seq_crumbs-HEAD/crumbs/utils/bin_utils.py   seq_crumbs(Download)
from crumbs.third_party import cgitb
from crumbs.exceptions import (UnknownFormatError, FileNotFoundError,
                               WrongFormatError, TooManyFiles,
                               MalformedFile, SampleSizeError,
            msg = 'The given input format does not correspond to the input'
            msg += ' file'
            raise WrongFormatError(msg)
        if 'fastq' in in_format:

src/s/e/seq_crumbs-HEAD/crumbs/filters.py   seq_crumbs(Download)
from crumbs.seq import get_name, get_file_format, get_str_seq, get_length,\
from crumbs.exceptions import WrongFormatError
from crumbs.blast import Blaster, BlasterForFewSubjects
from crumbs.statistics import calculate_dust_score, IntCounter, draw_histogram
            msg = 'Some of the input sequences do not have qualities: {}'
            msg = msg.format(get_name(seq))
            raise WrongFormatError(msg)
        if self.ignore_masked:
            str_seq = str(seq_object.seq)