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It returns the number of uppercase characters found in the string

        def uppercase_length(string):
    'It returns the number of uppercase characters found in the string'
    return len(re.findall("[A-Z]", string))

src/s/e/seq_crumbs-HEAD/crumbs/filters.py   seq_crumbs(Download)
from crumbs.utils.tags import (SEQS_PASSED, SEQS_FILTERED_OUT, SEQITEM,
                               SEQRECORD, CHIMERA, NON_CHIMERIC, UNKNOWN)
from crumbs.utils.seq_utils import uppercase_length, get_uppercase_segments
from crumbs.seq import get_name, get_file_format, get_str_seq, get_length,\
    def _do_check(self, seq):
        min_ = self.min
        max_ = self.max
        length = uppercase_length(get_str_seq(seq)) if self.ignore_masked else get_length(seq)

src/s/e/seq_crumbs-HEAD/test/test_seq_utils.py   seq_crumbs(Download)
from crumbs.utils.bin_utils import BIN_DIR
from crumbs.utils.file_utils import fhand_is_seekable, wrap_in_buffered_reader
from crumbs.utils.seq_utils import (uppercase_length, ChangeCase,
from crumbs.utils.tags import SWAPCASE, UPPERCASE, LOWERCASE, SEQRECORD
    def test_uppercase_length(self):
        'It counts the number of uppercase letters in a string'
        assert uppercase_length('aCTaGGt') == 4
        assert uppercase_length('acagt') == 0