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OpenSSL interface for encryption/decryption.

First thing: use subprocess module to call an openssl process, ensuring it
is available on the system; if not, of course we have to quit (raise
exception). Either way, that's all for __init__.

See the docstring for the main method -- openssl() -- for next steps.

Security: Xface.openssl() can take a passphrase for symmetric enc/dec as
an argument, but it never stores that passphrase on disk; the passphrase is(more...)

src/p/y/pyrite-HEAD/modules/core.py   pyrite(Download)
        def openssl(fallback=False):
            self.x = crypt_interface.Openssl()
            self.engine = 'OpenSSL'
            self.g_mengine.set_label("Use GnuPG as Engine")
            if fallback: