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src/b/l/BlueCop-XBMC-Plugins-HEAD/script.module.cryptopy/lib/crypto/cipher/ccm.py   BlueCop-XBMC-Plugins(Download)
from crypto.common      import xor
from struct             import unpack, pack
from crypto.errors      import InitCryptoError, EncryptError, DecryptError, IntegrityCheckError
class CCM(BlockCipherWithIntegrity):

src/b/l/BlueCop-XBMC-Plugins-HEAD/script.module.cryptopy/lib/crypto/cipher/cbc.py   BlueCop-XBMC-Plugins(Download)
from crypto.cipher.base import BlockCipher, padWithPadLen, noPadding
from crypto.errors      import EncryptError
from crypto.common      import xor
from random             import Random  # should change to crypto.random!!!