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src/b/l/BlueCop-XBMC-Plugins-HEAD/script.module.cryptopy/lib/crypto/cipher/tkip_encr.py   BlueCop-XBMC-Plugins(Download)
from zlib   import crc32
from struct import pack
from crypto.keyedHash.tkip_key_mixing import TKIP_Mixer
from crypto.errors import BadKeySizeError, IntegrityCheckError
from binascii_plus import *
        self.encryptHeaderSize = 8        # used to skip octets on decrypt
        self.arc4 = ARC4()                # base algorithm
        self.keyMixer = TKIP_Mixer(key,transmitterAddress)
        if key != None:                   # normally in base init, uses adjusted keySize

src/b/l/BlueCop-XBMC-Plugins-HEAD/script.module.cryptopy/lib/crypto/keyedHash/tkip_key_mixing_test.py   BlueCop-XBMC-Plugins(Download)
import unittest
from crypto.keyedHash.tkip_key_mixing import TKIP_Mixer
from struct import pack, unpack
from binascii_plus import a2b_p, b2a_p, b2a_hex
            #               unpack('<H',pnField[2:4])[0],unpack('<H',pnField[4:6])[0])
            mixer = TKIP_Mixer(tk,ta)
            newRC4Key = mixer.newKey(pnField)
        tscOctets = 6*chr(0)
        keyMixer = TKIP_Mixer(key)
        newKey = keyMixer.newKey(tscOctets)
        keyMixer = TKIP_Mixer()
        newKey = keyMixer.newKey(tscOctets)
        keyMixer = TKIP_Mixer(transmitterAddress=ta)
        newKey = keyMixer.newKey(tscOctets)

src/b/l/BlueCop-XBMC-Plugins-HEAD/script.module.cryptopy/lib/crypto/cipher/tkip_encr_test.py   BlueCop-XBMC-Plugins(Download)
import unittest
from crypto.cipher.tkip_encr import TKIP_encr
from crypto.keyedHash.tkip_key_mixing import TKIP_Mixer
from binascii_plus import a2b_p, b2a_p
from struct import pack
		pt	= a2b_p(plainText)
		kct = a2b_p(cipherText)
		mixer = TKIP_Mixer(key,ta)
		rc4key = mixer.newKey(iv)