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some part of the environment of the cryptobox is broken
e.g. the wrong version of a required program

src/c/r/cryptobox-server-0.3.0/src/cryptobox/core/main.py   cryptobox-server(Download)
import sys
import cryptobox.core.container as cbxContainer
from cryptobox.core.exceptions import CBEnvironmentError, CBConfigUndefinedError
import re
import os
			## from now on everything can be logged via self.log...
			raise CBEnvironmentError("couldn't initialise the loggingsystem. I give up.")
		return log_handler
			devnull = open(os.devnull, "w")
		except IOError:
			raise CBEnvironmentError("could not open %s for writing!" % os.devnull)
			prog_super = self.prefs["Programs"]["super"]
		except OSError:
			raise CBEnvironmentError(
					"failed to execute 'super' (%s)" % self.prefs["Programs"]["super"])
		if proc.returncode != 0:
			raise CBEnvironmentError("failed to call CryptoBoxRootActions ("