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This is the web interface for a fileserver managing encrypted filesystems.

src/c/r/cryptobox-server-0.3.0/src/cryptobox/web/sites.py   cryptobox-server(Download)
__revision__ = "$Id: sites.py 780 2007-02-06 10:08:55Z lars $"
import cryptobox.core.main
import cryptobox.web.dataset
import cryptobox.plugins.manage

src/c/r/cryptobox-server-0.3.0/src/cryptobox/web/dataset.py   cryptobox-server(Download)
	def set_crypto_box_state(self):
		"""Set some hdf values according to the cryptobox as a whole.
		import cherrypy
		import cryptobox.core.main

src/c/r/cryptobox-server-0.3.0/src/cryptobox/tests/test.cryptobox.py   cryptobox-server(Download)
import cryptobox.core.main
from cryptobox.core.exceptions import *
import cryptobox.core.settings