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this class rules them all!

put things like logging, conf and other stuff in here,
that might be used by more classes, it will be passed on to them

src/c/r/cryptobox-server-0.3.0/src/cryptobox/web/sites.py   cryptobox-server(Download)
	def __init__(self, conf_file=None):
		## we should only use variables preceded by "__" to avoid name conflicts
		## when loading features
		self.cbox = cryptobox.core.main.CryptoBox(conf_file)
		self.__cached_language_data = None

src/c/r/cryptobox-server-0.3.0/src/cryptobox/tests/test.cryptobox.py   cryptobox-server(Download)
class CryptoBoxDeviceTests(CommonTestClass):
	"""Some unittests for the CryptoBox
	cb = cryptobox.core.main.CryptoBox()
		for cfile in ['cryptobox.conf']:
			if os.path.exists(cfile):
				break	# this skips the 'else' clause