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Return a list of all feature instances.

src/c/r/cryptobox-server-0.3.0/plugins/plugin_manager/plugin_manager.py   cryptobox-server(Download)
			if not plugin: return "plugin_list"
			## take only plugins, that are of the same type as the choosen one
			self.plugins = [e for e in plugin_manager.get_plugins()
					if e.plugin_capabilities == plugin.plugin_capabilities and \
					e != "volume_props" ]
	def get_status(self):
		plugin_manager = cryptobox.plugins.manage.PluginManager(
				self.cbox, self.cbox.prefs["Locations"]["PluginDir"])
		return ":".join([e.get_name() for e in plugin_manager.get_plugins()])