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A type representing file data; used to shuttle data back and forth
between an application and the
:class:`deform.widget.FileUploadWidget` widget.

This type passes the value obtained during deserialization back to
the caller unchanged (it will be an instance of
``deform.widget.filedict``, which is a plain dictionary subclass;
it is only a dict subclass so ``isinstance`` may be used against
it in highly generalized persistence circumstances to detect that
it is file data).  It serializes from a dictionary containing(more...)

src/s/u/substanced-HEAD/substanced/file/views.py   substanced(Download)
class AddFileSchema(FilePropertiesSchema):
    file = colander.SchemaNode(
        widget = file_upload_widget,
        missing = colander.null,

src/d/e/deform-2.0a2/deform/tests/test_schema.py   deform(Download)
    def _makeOne(self):
        from deform.schema import FileData
        return FileData()
    def test_deserialize_null(self):