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src/d/e/delgado-0.0.1/delgado/loader.py   delgado(Download)
from json import loads
import delgado
from delgado.exceptions import Forbidden, InvalidFormat
    except ValueError:
        msg = 'unable to parse unexpected input: %s' % repr(string)
        raise InvalidFormat(msg)
        msg = "JSON format should be like {'executable': [arguments]}" \
              " but received: %s" % repr(obj)
        raise InvalidFormat(msg)

src/d/e/delgado-0.0.1/delgado/server.py   delgado(Download)
import delgado
from delgado.loader import loader
from delgado.exceptions import Forbidden, InvalidFormat, Reconnect
from delgado import logger

src/d/e/delgado-0.0.1/delgado/tests/test_loader.py   delgado(Download)
from pytest import raises
from delgado import loader
from delgado.exceptions import InvalidFormat, Forbidden