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src/d/e/delgado-0.0.1/delgado/main.py   delgado(Download)
from delgado import logger
import delgado
from delgado.server import Server
from delgado.decorators import catches

src/d/e/delgado-0.0.1/delgado/tests/test_server.py   delgado(Download)
    def test_run(self):
        # meh just excercising code really
        fake_conn = Mock(side_effect=TypeError)
        srv = server.Server([], connection=fake_conn)
        with raises(TypeError):
    def test_not_allowed(self, capsys):
        self.conn.recv = Mock(side_effect=["""{"ls": []}""", TypeError])
        srv = server.Server([], connection=self.conn)
        with raises(TypeError):