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src/d/h/DHTBot-HEAD/dhtbot/test/protocols/test_krpc_sender.py   DHTBot(Download)
from dhtbot.protocols.errors import TimeoutError
from dhtbot.coding import krpc_coder
from dhtbot.test.utils import Clock, HollowReactor, HollowTransport, Counter
# Write two functions that simply remove / restore

src/d/h/DHTBot-HEAD/dhtbot/test/extensions/test_rate_limiter.py   DHTBot(Download)
from dhtbot.krpc_types import Query
from dhtbot.protocols.krpc_sender import KRPC_Sender
from dhtbot.test.utils import Clock, Counter, HollowTransport
class TestingBase(object):
    def setUp(self):
        self.clock = Clock()
    def setUp(self):
        self.clock = Clock()
        self.monkey_patcher = MonkeyPatcher()
        self.monkey_patcher.addPatch(rate_limiter.time, "time", self.clock)