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This module encodes several emotional state of the robot like confusion,
joy, etc. as statements. These can be added to the knowledge base to express
the state of the robot during the dialogs.

src/d/i/Dialogs-0.13/src/dialogs/interpretation/content_analysis.py   Dialogs(Download)
from dialogs.helpers.helpers import colored_print
from dialogs.helpers.printers import level_marker
from dialogs.helpers import emotions
from dialogs.interpretation.statements_builder import StatementBuilder

src/d/i/Dialogs-0.13/src/dialogs/dialog_core.py   Dialogs(Download)
from dialogs.sentence import *
from dialogs.helpers.helpers import colored_print, wait_for_keypress
from dialogs.helpers import emotions
from dialogs.interpretation.anaphora_matching import replacement
from dialogs.interpretation.content_analysis import ContentAnalyser