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Created by Chouayakh Mahdi                                                       
The package contains main functions of this module                               
We return all elements of a nominal group                                        
   dispatching : to dispatche the main class in corresponding function             
   adjective_pos : to return the position of the noun in the sentence             
   find_sn_pos : to return the nom_group in a given position with adjective_pos        
   find_nom_gr_list : to break phrase into nominal groups with 'of'
   create_possession_claus : to create phrase with 's(more...)

src/d/i/Dialogs-0.13/src/dialogs/verbalization/verbalization.py   Dialogs(Download)
logger = logging.getLogger("dialogs")
from dialogs.verbalization import utterance_rebuilding

src/d/i/Dialogs-0.13/src/dialogs/verbalization/verbalization_test.py   Dialogs(Download)
from dialogs.sentence import *
from dialogs.sentence_types import *
from dialogs.verbalization import utterance_rebuilding