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Implements the verbalization module: Verbalizer.verbalize() takes as
input a Sentence object and build from it a sentence in natural language.

src/d/i/Dialogs-0.13/src/dialogs/dialog_core.py   Dialogs(Download)
from dialogs.parsing.parser import Parser
from dialogs.speaker_identification import SpeakerIdentifier
from dialogs.verbalization.verbalization import Verbalizer
        self._resolver = Resolver()
        self._content_analyser = ContentAnalyser()
        self._verbalizer = Verbalizer()
        self._nl_input_queue = Queue()

src/d/i/Dialogs-0.13/src/dialogs/interpretation/discrimination_test.py   Dialogs(Download)
from dialogs.dialog_core import Dialog
from discrimination import Discrimination
from dialogs.verbalization.verbalization import Verbalizer
from dialogs.dialog_exceptions import *
    def setUp(self):
        self.disc = Discrimination()
        self.verbalizer = Verbalizer()