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Set the values of any "undefined" options from corresponding
option values in some other command object.  "Undefined" here means
"is None", which is the convention used to indicate that an option
has not been changed between 'initialize_options()' and
'finalize_options()'.  Usually called from 'finalize_options()' for
options that depend on some other command rather than another
option of the same command.  'src_cmd' is the other command from
which option values will be taken (a command object will be created
for it if necessary); the remaining arguments are
'(src_option,dst_option)' tuples which mean "take the value of(more...)

src/c/o/codepackager-1.02/setup.py   codepackager(Download)
	def finalize_options(self):
		self.set_undefined_options('install', ('build_lib', 'build_lib'))
	# ### def finalize_options