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Special case of 'execute()' for operations that process one or
more input files and generate one output file.  Works just like
'execute()', except the operation is skipped and a different
message printed if 'outfile' already exists and is newer than all
files listed in 'infiles'.  If the command defined 'self.force',
and it is true, then the command is unconditionally run -- does no
timestamp checks.

src/o/s/osmium-0.1a1-r10-79b0/setup.py   osmium(Download)
    def run(self):
        # if autotools installed, update configure script
        if find_executable('autoreconf'):
            self.make_file('configure.ac', 'configure', lambda: self.spawn(['autoreconf']), [])
        elif not os.path.isfile('configure'):