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tuple() -> empty tuple
tuple(iterable) -> tuple initialized from iterable's items

If the argument is a tuple, the return value is the same object.

src/4/s/4Suite-XML-1.0.2/Ft/Lib/DistExt/Dist.py   4Suite-XML(Download)
class DistributionMetadata(dist.DistributionMetadata):
    _METHOD_BASENAMES = dist.DistributionMetadata._METHOD_BASENAMES + (
        'requires_python', 'requires_external')

src/p/k/pkglib-HEAD/pkglib/pkglib/manage_egg.py   pkglib(Download)
    bdist = Egg(egg_file)
    metadata = DistributionMetadata()
    for f in DistributionMetadata._METHOD_BASENAMES:
        val = _get_metadata_value(_ATTRIBUTE_MAP.get(f, f), bdist.pkg_info)
        if val: