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Returns the list of (option, value) tuples processed by the
previous run of 'getopt()'.  Raises RuntimeError if
'getopt()' hasn't been called yet.

src/4/s/4Suite-XML-1.0.2/Ft/Lib/DistExt/Dist.py   4Suite-XML(Download)
            parser.set_aliases({'licence': 'license'})
            args = parser.getopt(args=self.script_args, object=self)
            option_order = parser.get_option_order()

src/x/r/xrayutilities-1.0.6/setup.py   xrayutilities(Download)
without_openmp = False
for opts,values in options.get_option_order():
    if opts == "without-openmp":
        without_openmp = True