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The main package for the Python Module Distribution Utilities.  Normally
used from a setup script as

   from distutils.core import setup

   setup (...)

src/s/e/setuptools-HEAD/setuptools/command/saveopts.py   setuptools(Download)
import distutils, os
from setuptools import Command
from setuptools.command.setopt import edit_config, option_base
class saveopts(option_base):

src/p/a/packaging-8.7/packaging/dh_make.py   packaging(Download)
import string
import distutils
import distutils.core
from distutils import log

src/p/a/packaging-8.7/packaging/bdist_deb.py   packaging(Download)
import os.path
import signal
import distutils
import distutils.core
import distutils.errors

src/l/s/lsr.SID-0.3/lsrsidmodules/helpers.py   lsr.SID(Download)
import gettext
import hashlib
import distutils
import logging
import tempfile

src/l/s/lsr.SID-0.3/lsrsidmodules/config.py   lsr.SID(Download)
import logging
import shutil
import distutils
import helpers

src/e/s/esky-0.9.8/esky/util.py   esky(Download)
def distutils():
    import distutils
    import distutils.log   # need to prompt cxfreeze about this dep
    import distutils.util
    return distutils

src/f/o/Forthon-0.8.11/Lib/Forthon_builder.py   Forthon(Download)
"""Process and build a Forthon package"""
import sys,os,re
import distutils
import distutils.sysconfig

src/l/e/Letterpress-HEAD/code/markdown2/setup.py   Letterpress(Download)
#!/usr/bin/env python
import os
import sys
import distutils

src/n/i/nilearn-HEAD/nilearn/decomposition/canica.py   nilearn(Download)
# Author: Alexandre Abraham, Gael Varoquaux,
# License: BSD 3 clause
import distutils
import numpy as np

src/g/a/GarlicSim-HEAD/garlicsim_wx/py2exe_cruft/almost_import_stdlib.py   GarlicSim(Download)
    import dircache
    import dis
    import distutils
    import doctest
    import dumbdbm

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