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Parses an email URL.

        def parse(url):
    """Parses an email URL."""

    conf = {}

    url = urlparse.urlparse(url)

    # Remove query strings
    path = url.path[1:]
    path = path.split('?', 2)[0]

    # Update with environment configuration
        'EMAIL_FILE_PATH': path,
        'EMAIL_HOST_USER': url.username,
        'EMAIL_HOST_PASSWORD': url.password,
        'EMAIL_HOST': url.hostname,
        'EMAIL_PORT': url.port,

    if url.scheme in SCHEMES:
        conf['EMAIL_BACKEND'] = SCHEMES[url.scheme]

    if url.scheme == 'smtps':
        conf['EMAIL_USE_TLS'] = True
        conf['EMAIL_USE_TLS'] = False

    return conf

src/d/j/dj-email-url-HEAD/test_dj_email_url.py   dj-email-url(Download)
    def test_smtp_parsing(self):
        url = 'smtps://user@domain.com:password@smtp.example.com:587'
        url = dj_email_url.parse(url)
        assert url['EMAIL_BACKEND'] == \