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src/d/j/django-cloudfiles-HEAD/django_cloudfiles/management/commands/publish_cloudfiles.py   django-cloudfiles(Download)
from django.conf import settings
from django.core.management.base import BaseCommand, CommandError
from django_cloudfiles import (USERNAME_SETTINGS_ATTR, API_KEY_SETTINGS_ATTR,
     'settings_attr': API_KEY_SETTINGS_ATTR},
    {'name': 'container_name',
     'settings_attr': CONTAINER_SETTINGS_ATTR},
    {'name': 'local_root',
     'settings_attr': LOCAL_FILES_ROOT_SETTINGS_ATTR},
                    default=None, help="The name of the container to upload " +
                    " files to. If not specified, settings." +
                    CONTAINER_SETTINGS_ATTR + " is used"),
        make_option('-r', '--local-root', dest="local_root",
                    default=None, help="Path to local root of files that " +