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src/d/j/django-configglue-0.7.1/django_configglue/tests/test_configglue.py   django-configglue(Download)
        for i, (opt_type, default) in enumerate(data):
            schema_cls = schemas.build('bogus.%d' % i, {'foo': default}, Schema)
            # do common checks
            self.assert_schema_structure(schema_cls, 'bogus.%d' % i,
    def test_schemafactory_build_django(self):
        schemas = DjangoSchemaFactory()
        schema = schemas.build()
        # get known django schema
        options = dict([(name, value) for (name, value) in
            inspect.getmembers(settings) if name.isupper()])
        schema = schemas.build(django.get_version(), options)
        # get known django schema
        # fail for unknown versions of django