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Do the actual loading work.

        def load_py_fixtures_by_names(fixture_names):
    """Do the actual loading work."""
    # import logging

    loaded = []
    for fixture_name in fixture_names:
        fixture_classes = list(find_fixture_classes(fixture_name))
        # logging.debug(u"Loading fixture: %s" % fixture_name)
        for fixture_class in fixture_classes:
            # fire
            # logging.debug(u"- loading func %s" % fixture_class.__name__)
            fixture = fixture_class()
    return loaded

src/d/j/django_pyfixture-0.0.2/django_pyfixture/__init__.py   django_pyfixture(Download)
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from .django_pyfixture import __version__
from .django_pyfixture import PyFixtureBase
from .django_pyfixture import load_py_fixtures_by_names