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src/d/p/dput-1.6/dput/uploader.py   dput(Download)
from dput.core import logger, _write_upload_log
from dput.hook import run_pre_hooks, run_post_hooks
from dput.util import (run_command, get_obj)
from dput.overrides import (make_delayed_upload, force_passive_ftp_upload)
from dput.exceptions import (DputConfigurationError, DputError,
    def _run_hook(self, hook):
        if hook in self._config and self._config[hook] != "":
            cmd = self._config[hook]
            (output, stderr, ret) = run_command(cmd)
            if ret == -1:

src/d/p/dput-1.6/dput/command.py   dput(Download)
import dput.profile
from dput.util import get_obj_by_name, get_configs, run_command
from dput.core import logger, get_local_username
from dput.exceptions import (UploadException, DputConfigurationError,
    logger.trace("GPG identity hint: %s" % (identity_hint))
    (gpg_output, gpg_output_stderr, exit_status) = run_command([
        "--default-key", identity_hint,

src/d/p/dput-1.6/dput/uploaders/scp.py   dput(Download)
from dput.exceptions import UploadException
from dput.uploaders.sftp import find_username
from dput.util import run_command
        scp = self._scp_base + [filename, targetfile]
        #logger.debug("run: %s" % (scp))
        (_, e, x) = run_command(scp)
        if x != 0:
            raise ScpUploadException("Failed to upload %s to %s: %s" % (

src/d/p/dput-1.6/dput/commands/dm.py   dput(Download)
from dput.exceptions import DcutError
from dput.core import logger, get_local_username
from dput.util import run_command
DM_KEYRING = "/usr/share/keyrings/debian-maintainers.gpg"
        # TODO: Validate input. Packages must exist (i.e. be not NEW)
        (out, err, exit_status) = run_command([
            "gpg", "--no-options",
            "--no-auto-check-trustdb", "--no-default-keyring",

src/d/p/dput-1.6/dput/changes.py   dput(Download)
from dput.core import logger
from dput.util import run_command
from dput.exceptions import ChangesFileException
        gpg_path = "gpg"
        (gpg_output, gpg_output_stderr, exit_status) = run_command([
            gpg_path, "--status-fd", "1", "--verify",
            "--batch", self.get_changes_file()

src/d/p/dput-1.6/dput/uploaders/local.py   dput(Download)
        if "HOME" in os.environ:
            whereto = os.path.join(os.environ["HOME"], whereto)