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src/d/p/dpxdt-HEAD/dpxdt/client/pdiff_worker.py   dpxdt(Download)
class ResizeWorkflow(process_worker.ProcessWorkflow):
    """Workflow for making images to be diffed the same size."""
    def __init__(self, log_path, ref_path, run_path, resized_ref_path):
class PdiffWorkflow(process_worker.ProcessWorkflow):
    """Workflow for doing perceptual diffs using pdiff."""
    def __init__(self, log_path, ref_path, run_path, output_path):

src/d/p/dpxdt-HEAD/dpxdt/client/capture_worker.py   dpxdt(Download)
class CaptureWorkflow(process_worker.ProcessWorkflow):
    """Workflow for capturing a website screenshot using PhantomJs."""
    def __init__(self, log_path, config_path, output_path):