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src/d/p/dpxdt-HEAD/dpxdt/client/timer_worker.py   dpxdt(Download)
class TimerThread(workers.WorkerThread):
    """"Worker thread that tracks many timers."""
    def __init__(self, *args):

src/d/p/dpxdt-HEAD/dpxdt/client/fetch_worker.py   dpxdt(Download)
class FetchThread(workers.WorkerThread):
    """Worker thread for fetching URLs."""
    def handle_item(self, item):
        start_time = time.time()

src/d/p/dpxdt-HEAD/tests/workers_test.py   dpxdt(Download)
class EchoThread(workers.WorkerThread):
    def handle_item(self, item):
        if item.should_die:
            raise Exception('Dying on %d' % item.input_number)
        item.output_number = item.input_number