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src/d/p/dpxdt-HEAD/dpxdt/server/operations.py   dpxdt(Download)
    def get_stats_keys(status):
        if status in (models.Run.DIFF_APPROVED,
            return ('runs_successful', 'runs_complete', 'runs_total')
        elif status in models.Run.DIFF_FOUND:
        approval_log = None
        if run.status == models.Run.DIFF_APPROVED:
            approval_log = (

src/d/p/dpxdt-HEAD/dpxdt/server/frontend.py   dpxdt(Download)
    if request.method == 'POST':
        if form.approve.data and run.status == models.Run.DIFF_FOUND:
            run.status = models.Run.DIFF_APPROVED
            auth.save_admin_log(build, run_approved=True, run=run)
        elif form.disapprove.data and run.status == models.Run.DIFF_APPROVED: