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src/s/i/simpleubjson-0.6.1/simpleubjson/tools/inspect.py   simpleubjson(Download)
import simpleubjson
from ..draft8 import Draft8Decoder
from ..draft9 import Draft9Decoder
from ..exceptions import EarlyEndOfStreamError
                pattern = '[%s] [%s] [%s] [%s]\n'
                # very dirty hack to show size as marker and value
                _decoder = Draft9Decoder(simpleubjson.encode(length, spec=spec))
                tlv = _decoder.next_tlv()
                args = tuple([utag, tlv[0].decode(), tlv[2], value])
        inspect = inspect_draft8
    elif spec.lower() in ['draft9', 'draft-9']:
        decoder = Draft9Decoder(data, allow_noop)
        inspect = inspect_draft9

src/s/i/simpleubjson-0.6.1/simpleubjson/__init__.py   simpleubjson(Download)
from .version import __version__
from .draft8 import Draft8Decoder, Draft8Encoder
from .draft9 import Draft9Decoder, Draft9Encoder
from .tools.inspect import pprint
from .exceptions import DecodeError, EncodeError