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The entry point for an Envisage GUI application.

This class handles the life-cycle of a Pyface GUI.  Plugins can
display windows via mechinisms such as edit_traits().

This is intended to be a very simple shell for lifting an existing
pure TraitsUI or Pyface (or even Qt) app into an Envisage app.

More sophisticated applications should use Tasks.

src/e/n/envisage-HEAD/examples/GUI_Application/traitsui_gui_app.py   envisage(Download)
""" A simple example of a GUIApplication which wraps a TraitsUI """
from traits.api import HasTraits, Str, Int, Enum, Instance, on_trait_change
from envisage.api import Plugin
from envisage.ui.gui_application import GUIApplication
    # Create the application.
    application = GUIApplication(
        id='person_view', plugins=[PersonViewPlugin()]