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src/e/o/eoldas-1.1.0/eoldas/eoldas_Spectral.py   eoldas(Download)
        from eoldas_Lib import isfloat,sortopt
        if name == None:
           import time
            if not i in self.bandpass_library:
                # try to interpret it
                ok,this = isfloat(i)
                if ok:
                    self.bandpass_library, bandpass_name = \
                    # Try splitting it
                    that = i.split('-')
                    if len(that) == 2 and isfloat(that[0])[0] \
                                                and isfloat(that[1])[0]:
                        f0 = float(that[0])

src/e/o/eoldas-1.1.0/eoldas/eoldas_Operator.py   eoldas(Download)
	from eoldas_Lib import isfloat
        if 'loaderMask' in self.dict():
            state = (fullx.x.state[self.loaderMask])\
	    ww = to_loc[0]
	        ok,dummy = isfloat(ww)
	        if not ok:
	            # but it might not be for some strange reason