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src/e/o/eoldas-1.1.0/eoldas/eoldas_Lib.py   eoldas(Download)
    import logging
    import time
    from eoldas_Lib import set_up_logfile,dummyprint
    if type(self).__name__  == 'SpecialVariable' and logger != None:
        logger.error = lambda x:dummyprint( "Error: %s"%x)
        return logger
    logger = set_up_logfile(logfile,name=name,logdir=logdir,debug=debug)
    return logger

src/e/o/eoldas-1.1.0/eoldas/eoldas_State.py   eoldas(Download)
        import logging
        from eoldas_Lib import set_up_logfile
        logdir = log_terms['logdir'] or self.options.logdir
        name = name or self.options.thisname
        self.logger = set_up_logfile(logfile,\