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Hierarchically update the ParamStorage self with
another ParamStorage other_dict.
If combine is True, then a full Hierarchical copy is made.
If not true, then any sub-members in other_dict overwrite those
in self.

If copy is True, then a .copy() is applied to all elements when

src/e/o/eoldas-1.1.0/eoldas/eoldas_Parser.py   eoldas(Download)
        # update with anything passed here
        if general and type(general) == ParamStorage: self.top.update(\
        # read the conf files to get any cmd line options
        self.logger = sortlog(self,self.top.general.logfile,logger,name=self.thisname,\
        if general and type(general) == ParamStorage: 
        if general and type(general) == str: