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src/p/y/Pyfa-HEAD/eos/utils/scripts/jsonToSql.py   Pyfa(Download)
    # Import eos.config first and change it
    import eos.config
    eos.config.gamedata_connectionstring = args.db
    eos.config.debug = False

src/p/y/Pyfa-HEAD/eos/utils/scripts/eveCacheToDb.py   Pyfa(Download)
    from sqlalchemy.orm import class_mapper, ColumnProperty
    import eos.config
    # Parse command line options

src/p/y/Pyfa-HEAD/eos/db/saveddata/queries.py   Pyfa(Download)
from eos.db.saveddata.fit import projectedFits_table
from sqlalchemy.sql import and_
import eos.config
configVal = getattr(eos.config, "saveddataCache", None)

src/p/y/Pyfa-HEAD/eos/db/gamedata/queries.py   Pyfa(Download)
from eos.types import Item, Category, Group, MarketGroup, AttributeInfo, MetaData, MetaGroup
from eos.db.util import processEager, processWhere
import eos.config
configVal = getattr(eos.config, "gamedataCache", None)

src/p/y/Pyfa-HEAD/eos/db/__init__.py   Pyfa(Download)
from sqlalchemy import pool
from eos import config
import migration

src/p/y/Pyfa-HEAD/config.py   Pyfa(Download)
    import eos.config
    #Caching modifiers, disable all gamedata caching, its unneeded.