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src/p/y/Pyfa-HEAD/service/fit.py   Pyfa(Download)
    def getModule(self, fitID, pos):
        fit = eos.db.getFit(fitID)
        return fit.modules[pos]
    def newFit(self, shipID, name=None):
    def toggleBoostFit(self, fitID):
        fit = eos.db.getFit(fitID)
        fit.booster = not fit.booster
    def renameFit(self, fitID, newName):
        fit = eos.db.getFit(fitID)
    def deleteFit(self, fitID):
        fit = eos.db.getFit(fitID)
        sFlt = Fleet.getInstance()
    def copyFit(self, fitID):
        fit = eos.db.getFit(fitID)

src/p/y/Pyfa-HEAD/eos/saveddata/fit.py   Pyfa(Download)
    def importFittingWindow(cls, string, activeFit):
        from eos import db
        activeFit = db.getFit(activeFit)
        # if the current fit has mods, do not mess with it. Instead, make new fit