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src/p/y/Pyfa-HEAD/eos/saveddata/fit.py   Pyfa(Download)
from copy import deepcopy
from math import sqrt, log, asinh
from eos.types import Drone, Cargo, Ship, Character, State, Slot, Module, Implant, Booster, Skill
from eos.saveddata.module import State
import re
                            # Add booster to the fitting
                            b = Booster(boosterItem)
                            if entityState == "Active":
                                b.active = True

src/p/y/Pyfa-HEAD/service/fit.py   Pyfa(Download)
        item = eos.db.getItem(itemID, eager="attributes")
            booster = eos.types.Booster(item)
        except ValueError:
            return False

src/p/y/Pyfa-HEAD/eos/db/saveddata/fit.py   Pyfa(Download)
from eos.db.saveddata.cargo import cargo_table
from eos.db.saveddata.implant import fitImplants_table
from eos.types import Fit, Module, User, Booster, Drone, Cargo, Implant, Character, DamagePattern
from eos.effectHandlerHelpers import HandledModuleList, HandledDroneList, \
HandledImplantBoosterList, HandledProjectedModList, HandledProjectedDroneList, \

src/p/y/Pyfa-HEAD/gui/itemStats.py   Pyfa(Download)
import wx.lib.mixins.listctrl  as  listmix
import wx.html
from eos.types import Ship, Module, Skill, Booster, Implant, Drone
from gui.utils.numberFormatter import formatAmount
import service

src/p/y/Pyfa-HEAD/eos/db/saveddata/booster.py   Pyfa(Download)
from eos.db import saveddata_meta
from eos.types import Booster
boosters_table = Table("boosters", saveddata_meta,