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Eve API mocker

Everything is stored in self.items.

    - All methods except HEAD
    - Handle etags
    - Return good status_code

Not (yet?) supported:(more...)

src/e/v/eve-mocker-0.1.0/test_eve_mocker.py   eve-mocker(Download)
from httpretty import HTTPretty
from sure import expect
from eve_mocker import EveMocker, query_data
from urlparse import urljoin
from functools import partial
    def setUp(self):
        self.eve_mocker = EveMocker(BASE_URL, default_pk="testpk")
    def tearDown(self):
    def testContextManager(self):
        """ Test EveMocker within a context manager. """
        with EveMocker("http://myapi.com/api/"):
            response = requests.get("http://myapi.com/api/mymodel")