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src/a/r/archivematica-HEAD/src/MCPClient/lib/clientScripts/emailFailReport.py   archivematica(Download)
def getUnitStatisticalDataHTML(unitIdentifier):
    fields = ["unitType", "Total time processing", "total file size", "number of files", "average file size KB", "average file size MB"]
    sql = """SELECT `%s` FROM PDI_by_unit WHERE SIP_OR_TRANSFER_UUID = '%s';""" % ("`, `".join(fields), unitIdentifier)
    rows = databaseInterface.queryAllSQL(sql)
    return HTML.table(rows, header_row=fields)
    htmlcode2 = HTML.table(rows2, header_row=["Type", "Status", "Started"]) # TODO: Re-add duration
    t2 = etree.fromstring(htmlcode2, parser).find("body/table")
    i = 0