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src/k/a/KaraKara-HEAD/website/karakara/templates/helpers.py   KaraKara(Download)
from externals.lib.misc import get_fileext, substring_in
    from_include = [from_exclude.pop().split(':').pop().strip()] if from_exclude else []
    exclude_tags = [tag.split(':')[0] for tag in exclude_tags]  # setup initial exclude tags from passed args
    if substring_in(tags.get('title'),tags.get('from')):  # if 'title' is in 'from' - exclude title as it is a duplicate
    title_tags   = title_tags_for_category.get(tags.get('category','DEFAULT')[0], title_tags_for_category['DEFAULT'])  # get tags to use in the constuction of this category

src/k/a/KaraKara-HEAD/website/karakara/tests/integration/test_static.py   KaraKara(Download)
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
from externals.lib.misc import substring_in
from . import admin_rights
    for external in expected_externals:
        assert substring_in(external, static_files)