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src/s/p/SpikeSort-HEAD/src/spike_sort/core/evaluate.py   SpikeSort(Download)
                " detect_noise and extract_spikes instead.")
    spt_noise = detect_noise_spikes(sp, spt, sp_win, type)
    sp_waves = extract.extract_spikes(sp, spt_noise, sp_win)
    return sp_waves
def detect_noise(sp, spt, sp_win, type="positive", max_spikes=None,
    """Find noisy spikes"""
    spike_waves = extract.extract_spikes(sp, spt, sp_win)
def isolation_score(sp, spt, sp_win, spike_type='positive', lam=10., max_spikes=None):
    "calculate spike isolation score from raw data and spike times"
    spike_waves = extract.extract_spikes(sp, spt, sp_win)
    spt_noise = detect_noise(sp, spt, sp_win, spike_type)
    noise_waves = extract.extract_spikes(sp, spt_noise, sp_win)