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src/o/r/ore.metamime-0.1.4/src/ore/metamime/libextractor.py   ore.metamime(Download)
    def __init__(self, context ):
        self.context = context
        self.extractor = extractor.Extractor(defaults=False, libraries='libextractor_mime')
    def queryIMimeType( self ):
    def __init__(self, context ):
        self.context = context
        self.extractor = extractor.Extractor(defaults=True)
    def extract( self ):

src/n/l/nltk_contrib-HEAD/nltk_contrib/scripttranscriber/thai_extractor.py   nltk_contrib(Download)
class ThaiExtractor(extractor.Extractor):
  """Extractor of potential Thai terms.
  def FileExtract(self, filename):

src/n/l/nltk_contrib-HEAD/nltk_contrib/scripttranscriber/chinese_extractor.py   nltk_contrib(Download)
class EastAsianExtractor(extractor.Extractor):
  def FileExtract(self, filename):
    """Since spacing has no significance in East Asian Languages, names
    may cross word boundaries, so this must be defined
    differently. But empty lines should be kept, since they would

src/p/y/pypln.backend-HEAD/pypln/backend/workers/__init__.py   pypln.backend(Download)
# along with PyPLN.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
from extractor import Extractor
from tokenizer import Tokenizer
from freqdist import FreqDist

src/i/n/invenio-HEAD/modules/websubmit/lib/wsm_extractor_plugin.py   invenio(Download)
    # Extraction
    xtract = extractor.Extractor()
    # Get the keywords

src/e/x/Extractor-0.5/extract.py   Extractor(Download)
import sys
xtract = extractor.Extractor()
for arg in sys.argv[1:]:
    print "Keywords from %s:" % arg