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Use to indicate an invalid or unknown command, or a problem with
the command configuration, the arguments etc.

src/f/e/feedplatform-HEAD/feedplatform/lib/addins/doers/daemons.py   feedplatform(Download)
from feedplatform import log
from feedplatform.deps import daemon
from feedplatform.management import BaseCommand, CommandError
from feedplatform import addins
from feedplatform import db
                loglevel = logging._levelNames[loglevel.upper()]
            except KeyError:
                raise CommandError('invalid value for --level: %s' % loglevel)
        logfile = options.get('log')
            if len(args) == 0:
                raise CommandError('multiple daemons are installed, you '
                                   'need to specify which one to run:\n%s' %
                daemon_name = args[0]
                if not daemon_name in named_daemons:
                    raise CommandError('"%s" is not a known daemon, '+
        if options.get('daemonize'):
            if os.name != 'posix':
                raise CommandError('--daemonize not supported on this platform')

src/f/e/feedplatform-HEAD/feedplatform/integration/django/management/commands/feedplatform.py   feedplatform(Download)
# Unfortunately, Django names commands always after their filename.
from __future__ import absolute_import
from feedplatform.management import \
    call_command as fp_call_command, \
    get_command as fp_get_command, \