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src/r/a/rabbitmq-streams-HEAD/bin/plugin_test_harness.py   rabbitmq-streams(Download)
def setup_everything(plugindir, id, config_json, env, Outputter):
        instance_config = json.loads(config_json)
    except ValueError:
        print >> sys.stderr, OUT+"ERROR\tExpected a valid json dictionary, got: %r" % (config_json,)
    with open(os.path.join(plugindir, 'plugin.js')) as f:
        plugin_specs = json.loads(f.read())
    info("## Plugin descriptor:")
            config, = args
            if isinstance(config, basestring):
                config = json.loads(config)
            config = instance_config.copy()
        if d['json']:
                opts = json.loads(d['json'])
                if not isinstance(opts, dict): raise ValueError
            except ValueError: